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Philips Advance LED Electronic Driver 0-10v DIMMING 347V TO 480V Free Shipping!! $29.99 Buy It Now 4d 18h. See Details. LED Wall Pack, 250W, 347V, 3500L LITHONIA ... 347V 60W Power Supply Outdoor Power Solutions PERFORMANCE Input Voltage 277~347 VAC Input Current 0.3A~0.23A Input Frequency 47~63Hz Power Factor ≥0.90 Output Voltage DC12V ±3% Output Current 0-5.0A Output Power 60W Max. PHYSICAL Length 7.91” (201mm) Width 1.90” (48.5mm) Height 1.39” (35.5mm) Mounting Length 8.97” (228mm) Weight 1 ...

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160W 347V/480Vac NFC programmable LED Driver. TLD-C. 200W 180-347 / 528Vac NFC Programmable LED driver. TLD-C. 250W 180-347 / 528Vac NFC Programmable LED driver ... 30W Linear Programmable LED driver for 347V input voltage. Dimmable with 0-10V to 1%.

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Electronic Driver M = 120-277V K = 347V 5 Voltage ... remote driver Solid State (LED) Style S151 Specifications Features Performance L90(10k) > 60,000 hrs. @ 25°C ...

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FIXTURE LENGTH LUMENS CCT DRIVER VRW = Vandal Resistant. Wrap-around Lens 2 = 2ft 24 = 2400lm 30K = 3000K 35K = 3500K 40K = 4000K MV = Standard 120V-277V, 1% Dimming (0-10V) 347 = Standard 347V Dimming (0-10V) EM = Emergency Driver X = DALI, Lutron EcoSystem LED, and other drivers available, consult factory 4 = 4ft 32 = 3200lm 40 = 4000lm 48 ... 347V 5 480V *347V & 480V not available in 32LC 350mA ... mA high-performance LED drivers that accept 120v thru 480v, 50 Hz to 60 Hz, input. Power factor of 90%. Rated ... EnVision LED has developed a line of super slim LED downlights that eliminate the need for a can. The external ... JBX-11W-277-347V 200-347V Driver for 11W Fixture (4”)

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347V 0-10V DIMMING CONSTANT CURRENT SINGLE OUTPUT Also Available: ThoroLEDª LED Modules - See full catalog for details. T1M1 347 0700-28C T1M1 347 0700-40C Certifications cURus, CE cURus, CE Input Voltage 347V 347V Frequency 60Hz 60Hz Number of Channels 1 1 Output Wattage 28 40 Output Volts 18~40VDC 18~57VDC Output Current (mA) 700 700 Driver Size ( L/W/H) 4.72"/ 2.69"/1.2"Adopt aerodynamic design,take heat away quickly,keep low temperature for heat sink and LED chip for longer lifespan and higherlight efficiency. SMD3030 led chip,high CRI,light efficiency up to 200lm/w,only 60% used for 1.2W led chip,low light decay and longer lifespan.

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347V: 39A / 168uS Output Voltage (Refer to Driver Operating Range) Performance 347 Vac 0.11A Output Current Ripple <10% (Pk-Pk/avg) 50 - 60 (Hz) 35W > 0.95 @ max load < 20 % @ max load 16V to 29V @ 1.05 Amps 16V to 56V @ 0.53 Amps Load Regulation ±5 % 1050mA 1050mA Programmable LED Driver 347V Input Voltage

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The LED T8 Tube with internal driver is used for general illumination for homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, malls, buses, trains, warehouses, parking lots, or wherever accent lighting is required. Jun 24, 2020 · Battery Backup / Emergency LED Drivers. Illumination Time ≥90 minutes, recharge time 24 hours ... Li-Ion Battery, 100-347V, IP65. Compatibility: Strip Lights ...

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We have over 20 years LED Driver and electronic ballast manufacturing experience, and over 15,000,000 installation sites worldwide. When you compare you'll find that the quality, warranty and customer support of our competitively priced LED Drivers, power supplies, conversion kits and electronic ballasts is second to none!

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TAA LED Drivers. RetroFlex Driver for Type A Lamp. Dimming 0-10V; ... 480V/347V: 277V/240V: 60VA: 0.95: 10%: 105 C: VETR480/277-110VA: Order Code Input Voltage Output ...

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AC277-347V DRIVER – 4″ & 6″ Additional information. MOL: 4", 6" Reviews There are no reviews yet. Be the first to review “LED-HBL012-347V-D” Cancel reply.

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The LED driver shall be U.L. Recognized. It shall be securely mounted inside the fixture, for optimized performance and longevity. It shall be supplied with a quick-disconnect electrical connector on the power supply, providing easy power connections and fixture installation.

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This new generation is available with 120-347V drivers that take the guess work out of what to quote and keep in inventory. All sizes in 1 x 4, 2 x 2 and 2 x 4 are avail-able in 3500K, 4000K and 5000K, and have 3 mounting options available – recessed, surface mount and suspended. Universal Lighting Technologies Everline D700C30347TW-K Programmable Tuned 0-10V Dimming Constant Current LED Driver - 347V Input - 700mA Rated Output Current - 15-44V Output Voltage - 30W Constant Power - 4.9 Inch L x 2.95 Inch W x 1 Inch H

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The LED driver shall be U.L. Recognized. It shall be securely mounted inside the fixture, for optimized performance and longevity. It shall be supplied with a quick-disconnect electrical connector on the power supply, providing easy power connections and fixture installation.

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Bodine emergency LED drivers allow LED fixtures to serve as emergency lighting sources. The product line includes drivers designed for a variety of applications: indoor, outdoor egress, damp, cold temperatures, steplights, downlights, Class 2 installations and more.

LED Energy carries LED Bulbs, 347v LED Tubes, MR16, LED drivers, LED Panels, G24 Bulbs, HID & HPS fixtures and provide custom LED solutions.

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12V DC LED driver required Dimmable with most low-voltage electronic dimmers ... Forum LED Panel Light 1X4' 30K-40K 120-347V 20-40W 0-10V. Product Series

Type C T8 Tube | External Driver Tube; T8 LED Cooler Light | Ballast Compatible; T8 Tube | 347V; LED Retrofit Kits | 40W-240W; LED Corn Bulbs. LED Corn Bulbs | 12W-120W | North America Market; LED WallPacks. LED WallPacks | 40W 60W 100W; Full Cut-Off LED WallPacks | 40W 60W 100W; LED Tri-Proof Lights; LED UFO Highbay; LED Panel Light | Internal ... LED drivers protect LED fixture arrays and UL Type C LED linear light bulbs from damaging fluctuations in the power supply that can reduce the quality of bulbs' or arrays' light output. The drivers convert high-voltage alternating current (AC) into low-voltage direct current (DC) to power the arrays or bulbs.4 MVOLT driver operates on any line voltage from 120-277V (50/60 Hz). Single fuse (SF) requires 120, 277 or 347 voltage option. Double fuse (DF) requires 208, 240 or 480 voltage option. Universal Everline D21CC80347TW-D Analog 0-10V Dimming Constant Current LED Driver - 347V Input - 2100mA Rated Output current - 17-38V Output Voltage - 80W Max Output Power - 16.88 Inch L x 1.25 Inch W x 1 Inch H - Mounting 16.28 Inch - No Leads.Maryland central home detention unittemperature range is -40°C to +40°C. LED life of 100,000 hours. Electrical Total system wattage of the unit is 150W. The standard unit has a high efficiency driver that operates at 120 - 277V. 347V available as an option. Unit has a built in 10kV surge suppressor. DIMENSIONS Mounting Unit has two mounting options: .

After acquiring the forward current and forward voltage of the LED specifications, choosing the driver models according to the application and design of the luminaire, such as indoor/ outdoor application/ PFC / waterproof protection /dimming function/input voltage range /safety regulations… etc.
3-Pole LED Driver Ballast Surge Protectors Wiring Green Line In Neutral BSP3 (120) (277) (347) Ground L N G 347V Single LED Driver Phase Input White 120V 277V Black Green Line A In Line B In BSP3 (480) Ground L A L B G 480V Single LED Driver Phase Input White Black 1.55” 2.82”.75” Threaded Nipple: ½”-NPS 2.25” Pulse rating (8 x 20 ...